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        1. Building the New Platform in the Field of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence

          2020/8/10 16:24:52

          On July 31st, the signing and unveiling ceremony of University of Sanya and Tsinghua-Sanya International Mathematics Forum Research Center was held in University of Sanya. The research center is aiming to carry out cutting-edge research in the fields of mathematics and artificial intelligence by forming high-end academic exchange platform. Initiatives such as "Future Technology Research Laboratory of University of Sanya" will be jointly built. Gao Xuan(Vice Secretary General of Tsinghua University, Director of Tsinghua-Sanya International Mathematics Forum Management Center),  Prof. Lu Dan(President of University of Sanya), and Prof. Liu Kainan(Executive Vice President of USY) attended the ceremony.


          The Mathematical Research Center(MRC) is co-established by University of Sanya and Tsinghua-Sanya International Mathematics Forum Management Center, and the cooperation will be characterized by diversified forms, including promoting application research of mathematics and AI, various academic research conferences and exchange programs for both faculties and students. It’s expected that senior talents will be cultivated through the jointly built “Future Technology Research Laboratory of University of Sanya”.


          Signing and unveiling ceremony of Sanya-Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum Research Center

          "Tsinghua-Sanya International Mathematics Forum" is an international conference center established by Tsinghua University and initiated by professor Qiu Chengtong, the master in mathematics. The forum was targeted to attract top research teams from the world, and to seek opportunities of academic exchanges and cooperation in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, theoretical physics, applied physics and other important disciplines. After the first Tsinghua-Sanya Mathematics International Forum held in 2010, about 7,000 mathematicians from the world have attended 150 international conferences held here. It brought great influence to the international mathematics field, and the permanent venue was officially launched in December 2013.


          Driven by the building of Hainan into an island featuring innovative and international education, University of Sanya is oriented around serving the development of Hainan FTP, and constantly strengthening the optimizing the disciplinary fields, especially focusing on key industries such as block chain, big data and artificial intelligence and cloud computing. So far, University of Sanya has a high-performance super-computing center, ranking among the top five universities in China. USY is the only private university with 3 academician workstations in China.


          Gao Xuan said that he has visited University of Sanya for three times since 2019, and he was deeply impressed by the campus environment, the awareness of innovation and the educational practices of this university. He has the reason to believe that an innovative cultivation base will be built with the future exchanges via the platform of the Tsinghua-Sanya International Mathematics Forum.




          Source: http://www.gzxtf.com/newsDetails.asp?did=6209&cid=119

          Editor: Liu Xiaodan

          English translator & editor: Cong Shan

          Revised by: Zhang Yuhong