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        1. USY Is Empowered By The “Expressway” Of Integrating “Industry, University, Research and Application” and Highlight Of Four Interdisciplinary Projects To Contribute To Development Of The Free Trade Port In Hainan

          2020/8/10 16:38:42

          With the opportunities and demands brought by the development of the free trade port in Hainan, University of Sanya has grown into the stage where the disciplinary construction steers the university in the right direction. USY will build the educational “expressway” of integrating "industry, university, research and application"(IURA). The four interdisciplinary projects, that is, digitization of automobile industry and financial industry, modern service industry, urban governance and health care industry, will be highlighted to coping with the challenges of improving competitiveness of students and contributing to the economic and social development through the achievements of disciplinary construction.



          President Lu Dan said that the disciplinary construction really matters to USY, and it would be affected by many factors, including international and domestic environment, regional and industrial environment and school-running conditions. "University of Sanya adheres to the educational sentiment and its social responsibilities, regards students' competitiveness as the core of strategy, and takes the development path of disciplinary integration, industry-education integration and school-local integration. In this way, students will be cultivated to be more competitive so that USY will make contribution to the society as the result of discipline construction achievement." 


          President Lu Dan pointed out that we should have faith in the future development of private higher education in China, have confidence in the direction, foundation and capacity of USY’s further development, have the belief that the integration of (IURA) is not only the right path into solving the problem of the mismatch among industry, teaching, scientific research and application in the field of higher education, but also the effective tool to guide talents cultivation and the construction of discipline, specialty and curriculum, and have the trust in the the integration of (IURA) as the criteria for assessing the applied research results, the quality of applied talents cultivation and the standard of a university or college.



          Source: http://www.gzxtf.com/newsDetails.asp?did=6209&cid=119

          Editor: Xu Ying

          English translator & editor: Cong Shan

          Revised by: Zhang Yuhong