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        1. The inaugural meeting of the USY Shenzhen Alumni Association was successfully held

          2020/8/8 11:44:43

          On August 1st, The inaugural meeting of the USY Shenzhen Alumni Association and the First Member Representative Meeting was successfully held in Shenzhen city. The meeting was conducted in the form of small-size offline meeting and online cloud connection. Gao Yilan, vice-president of  USY, senior leaders of Presidents Office,  Admissions and Employment Department, Student Service Center, Department of Student Affairs, secretaries of Party General Branch and the head of Youth League Committee from secondary colleges of  USY attended the online meeting. President of Shenzhen Alumni Association, the class of 2007 alumni and more than 60 alumni living and working in Shenzhen gathered in the main venue of Shenzhen.


          USY Shenzhen Alumni Association connecting to the alma mater online

          In the meeting, Teng Wenqing declared the Approval of USY Alumni Association For the Establishment of Shenzhen Alumni Association. The preparatory working group of Shenzhen Alumni Association made the preparatory work report to the conference, deliberated and voted regarding the working method and members of the first board of directors of the association.USY Shenzhen Alumni Association will inherit and carry forward the motto of USY, with the tenet of "serving alumni, serving alma mater, and serving national construction". The Association will maintain close contact and cooperative relationship between alma mater and alumni as well as between alumni, set up a platform for resources sharing and further development and build a spiritual home for alumni where they could express their gratitude to alma mater and contribute to the society.


          Stone statue donated by USY Shenzhen Alumni Association

          Source: http://www.gzxtf.com/newsDetails.asp?did=6224&cid=119

          Editor: Liu Xiaodan

          English translator & editor: Guo Zihao

          Revised by: Zhang Yuhong